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We're Preparing for Next Year's Conference
New Mexico and Texas owners, managers, foremen, and administrative staff, as well as farm labor contractors and their staff in the agricultural industry benefit from this conference.
The conference offers agricultural employers an opportunity to not only hear directly from speakers who are experts in their fields and programs, but to ask them questions that are beneficial to your operation. 


Learn About the New Changes Affecting Your Ag Business 

Growers and their business staff are invited to attend this conference where agencies provide valuable information that not only help your operation, but help you become more competitive in this global industry.


The Presentations are Customized for New Mexico and Texas Agricultural Employers 

In addition to learning the latest regulatory labor requirements, growers will hear first hand about the latest changes in pesticide regulations, and irrigation water issues affecting the Rio Grande valley.



Make a difference in your operations by building relationships with not only the agency representatives, but other growers as well. We look forward to seeing you and your staff at the conference.

Contact Us
Please contact us with any questions you have regarding the conference by phone or email.
(575) 740-6484
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